About Us


Who Is Ponterra?

Ponterra Business Advisors is a specialty middle market technology and services-focused investment bank in the global travel, hospitality, retail and foodservice industries. The firm has offices in the Washington, DC area and in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as well as on-the-ground presence in Berlin, Germany. Ponterra offers its technology and services clients a proven merger and acquisition (M&A) process, deep and extensive contacts, and world-renowned industry expertise and experience. The firm prides itself on offering expertise that runs a mile deep rather than a mile wide. Ponterra has long-term relationships with global industry leaders and influencers on many levels within their companies and with hundreds of internationally-based suppliers in the travel, hospitality, retail and foodservice industries. As a client, Ponterra is with you every step of the way. Ponterra guides you through the M&A process with an experienced team of investment banking professionals combining industry, M&A process and technical/valuation expertise.

Ponterra’s Story

Ponterra bridges the gap between the financial services world and the industry in which its clients operate. Ponterra is a creation of a professional industry executive who has worked in Fortune 100 companies, as the leader of small companies, and as head of a very successful investment banking practice. Ponterra appreciates that there is more value in a business than just its numbers, and is positioned ideally to articulate value drivers on behalf of its clients.

Global Reach / Cross Border

Ponterra’s team has extensive international experience, with approximately 70 percent of its past transactions involving at least one international partner. Ponterra’s team has worked on transactions involving companies all over the world for clients in countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Canada, France and India. At any given time, at least half of the firm’s clients are outside the United States.

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